What to do when people don’t believe in what you do.

…When friends criticize.

When family doesn’t understand.

Do you quit?

Do you hole up and hate yourself?

I take a deep breath.

I ask myself “is this about them or me?”

I question their motives in telling me their opinion.

Because, unless you are punching babies in the face- I’m not sure what the fucking problem is.

It’s hard to be you sometimes isn’t it?

It’s difficult to be this heartfelt and bold.

And yet you’re called and you keep answering.

Keep the kind ones close.

Not everyone has to understand.

And you don’t need to be perfect.

If you have passion for the project and 50% of your feedback is good then it’s worth continuing.

Joan Rivers own parents hated what she did. They kicked her out and stopped calling her back- until twenty years later she took them to the fanciest restaurant in NYC after her show. Then they were proud.

This was after plugging away. Giving her everything. For her entire life. Finally they received her gift.

Take a break today. Curl up.

Then get back at it tomorrow.

Keep being you.

Not only is it your obligation to stand up, it’s all you have to give anyway.

Now go make something that makes you happy.

The haters are shit outta’ luck.