For the Depressed Motherfuc*ers at Christmas.

It’s Dec 20th and I just went for a walk with my family. It was sunny out and we walked for about an hour and a half straight. On the stroll I didn’t see one happy person. Every Single Fucking Person had that sad, dead Christmas look in their eyes.

And it made me feel a whole lot better.

First off. Let’s just cut the word “depressed” out of our Christmas language. It’s so pathetic isn’t it?

“10 sure ways to beat depression during the holidays”

“How to be LESS dark and bring MORE light this season”.

“Holidays blues got you down? Sign up for my FREE “cheer in the face of fear” webinar”.

This really brings out the Christmas rebel in me because soon as someone tells me to feel a certain way, I know they’re full of shit.

I don’t identify with the word depressed. It’s too passive. It’s also not a word I hear “depressed” people using. The “depressed” people I know are exploring deep personal truths this time of year. They are feeling loss and grief and memories of childhood pain. They are following nature and moving into the darkest night of the year.

“Depressed” people are doing important healing work.

So I’m going to throw out a few other options for being “depressed”.

“I’m more of a solstice gal myself…”

“I’m not really a Christmas hype man…”


“I’m just feeling the feels over here”.

And this is okay you know. It’s okay to feel loss. It’s okay to notice the darkness. It’s natural to want to huddle up and cozy in. This is a much nicer feeling to sink into than trying to force the seasonal glitz.

And when you see the people out there who are crafting it up and singing the songs and making the treats, remember, they might be blissed out shop-a-holics who’ve got a lot of rum in their eggnog. They’re not necessarily happy either, just better at covering it up.

I made a yoga video for all the sad-sacks out there.

Please watch it. Wrap yourself up in a blanket and follow along.

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Joyeux Noel. Seasons Greetings. Feliz Navidad. Happy Ho Ho. Suck it Santa.

Honoring the dark.