All You Need Is One (Soo-Soo)

My son loves his soother. We call it his soo-soo. He doesn’t call it his soo-soo because he can’t speak, but his parents are losers and like baby talking to him “Artie want’s his widdle soo-soo!?” and he blood-curdling screams for it.

“Where’s the motherfucking soo-soo?” can be heard as we run around the house, searching under beds and ripping apart mattresses in the middle of the night.

funny soother

We started with one soo-soo. And he seemed to really like it. Then it disappeared so we bought a pack of two. Then for some reason they vanished as well so soon I found myself at London Drugs buying six soo-soo’s to keep as back up.

Row of pacifiers

And then they all disappeared.

One was found.

And then it was lost.

And then three were found.

And then two were lost…and we were in this constant ebb and flow of soo-soos.

An interesting pattern started emerging. If we had six soo-soo’s, five would be gone in the first day, but always, one faithful rubber friend would stick around for a few weeks until it too disappeared.

Late one night, in a moment of dark desperation to stop the shrieking noise my husband began fashioning a homemade option out of a wine cork and chopstick and then all of a sudden three more crawled out from behind the curtains.

But the six initial soothers?…never again did they appear.

Because, I guess, really, who needs six soo-soos?

And I realize, it’s like everything else in life.


Sometimes you have a lot of something and sometimes you have less of it.

You’ll find more eventually if you look hard enough.

You’ll work together taking apart the radiator to see if it’s inside.

You are resourceful and industrious and intelligent and you’ll get what you need to live.


I believe this.

And isn’t that all we can ever expect; to have one soo-soo to get us through the night?

If we can accept it takes searching under carpets and if we don’t mind sucking up bits of dust- we’ll all be just fine. Actually, we’ll be much more than fine, we’ll be content for the first time in our lives- because it’s quiet outside and we’re huddled up warm together with something to hold onto and everyone’s just fallen asleep.

lost soother