…A Feminist.


I go there.

Sometimes I ruffle feathers and I’ve been told I have “brazen nerve.”

I’m a social acupuncturist. I like to needle into the heart of the matter until you feel some relief.

I don’t wanna create bad vibes but I’ll call bullshit when I see it.

I’m getting uncomfortable with being uncomfortable.

I know that fear of failure is not a good enough not to do it reason and playing small hurts the world.

My job is to get out from under the glass jar of who I’d like to be, in order to be who I am.

I also have to keep going, no matter how relentless it seems.

I love hard and I’m tenacious.

I’m a softy who is willing to eat my words.

I seek the light but I’m not afraid of the dark, in fact it’s what has helped me most to grow.

I use my shame, guilt and terror as signposts to lead me forward and as I get closer to them, they always seem to know the right way.

There is freedom in the brashness of speaking the truth and true liberation comes with allowing all feelings to be felt.

I believe that it takes courage to share all of your imperfect self and it’s a righteous act of feminist rebellion to shine all your shit forth.

The bravest thing I can do is to be vulnerable with you.

I’ll jump first if you come with me.

Let’s get into this together.