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My aim is to get as close as I can to my audience / listeners / readers / friends. When we connect, we see ourselves in each other and that changes the world.

“I’m in love with you. I want to kiss you directly on the face”

-A Fan

Speaking Gigs – If I could commit to one particular God I’d be a preacher, but I bow down to mystery and the universe and my mother and my friends and my face cream so instead I get my ‘preach on’ at speaking gigs. My expertise in twenty years of theatre performance, spiritual searching and critical thinking blends this trifecta into what I’m best at in the world, candidly power-blasting the truth, intimately engaging the audience and making you laugh till you ugly cry.

“I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what topic you are going to striptease and dropkick next…”- Fan

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-TEDXWomen Vancouver- The Power of The Ugly Truth, 2017

-Public Salon – Sharing Your Worst Self Get’s The Best Results, 2017

-SheTalks- Spiritual Capitalism (people making money off our longing for God), 2018

-Leading Moms- You Are Such A Good Mom (breaking the myth of mothering perfection) 2018

-The Leadership Recipe Live Conference- How to Sell Your Soul, 2018

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* Link to “Speaking Gigs” Getting Gutsy with me page”

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I am a satirist at the heart of it. This means I publically poke fun of myself and my imperfections and after the performance you go home and consider yourself in the equation.

What I love the most is laughing about how ridiculous life is and the horror of what it means to be human sometimes. I think doing this together lightens the collective load.

“She is a social acupuncturist and damn it does she poke around in the best ways. Brilliant and Hilarious.” -Chela Davison, COO Integral Coaching Canada

Touring Performance:

Through the Gaze of a Navel

*Pics of TTGOAN (me looking through prism)

“Yoga Satire, Brilliant, brash and wickedly wise. You will pee your yoga pants from laughing so hard”- Danielle LaPorte (author of The Desire Map and White Hot Truth)

*Bring this live performance/yoga class to your convention, your manager’s conference, your private function, your international festival. 1 hour. 1 million laughs.
Through the Gaze of a Navel is a performance in the form of a yoga class led by self-proclaimed pop-psychology expert Emelia Symington Fedy.

Emelia has consumed every new-age pop-psych medicine she could get her hands on, from swimming with cosmic dolphins to crystal bowl regression therapy to vaginal weightlifting classes. Emelia’s take is irreverent but the darkness she encounters is real. More than a mere kiss-and-tell of a life-long obsession, Through the Gaze of a Navel takes the sacred journey of a spiritual quest and sets it in a hilarious context.
*2 pics of the show
Performed in theatres across Canada, yoga studios, yoga festivals and Lululemon events, this show is a hilarious and generous satire of yoga culture where we get to laugh at our navel gazing, while in down dog.
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*link to: http://thechoptheatre.com/plays/through-the-gaze-of-a-navel/

*Embed trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=EQtf3Rc2X98

“I have not laughed this hard in so long, thanks for the incredible ab work out”
– Audience member

Trailer for Through The Gaze of a Navel
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5- Min Therapy –Performance “Therapy”

“How do you get inside my head and know exactly what I’m thinking?”- A Fan
Do you have 5 minutes?  
Set up like a therapists office, with audience lined up around the room waiting for their turn to ask their burning question, it’s just you and professional advice giver Emelia Symington Fedy. She tells you exactly what you need to hear by the end of an egg timer and you leave relieved. It’s her super power.
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*We are now touring the performance/advice sessions live and can come to your best friends birthday or a gala event or festival that you want to take to the next level of entertainment.
Fuck those hour-long therapy sessions, no need to despair about love, your career trajectory or if God has forsaken you, meet with a self-proclaimed specialist who will help you find your light in the bleakest of times. 
5 Minute Therapy is a theatre installation that has performed multiple times at FUSE (Vancouver Art Gallery) and in Toronto’s East Culture Crawl and at multiple gala and festival events across Canada.
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The set up is fun but the advice is real. Emelia brings the egg timer; you bring the questions. Come on in, it’s a cold world out there.
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*CONTACT HERE for cost and more info.

“So outrageously honest and resonant”- Blogger

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GUTSY Podcast

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1 question. 1 interview. All Heart and Guts. From famous people to grandmothers; how pain changed them- for good.

Coming Soon…

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Radio – I tell stories about myself on national public radio. Usually they are funny and a bit heartbreaking.

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Here are a few examples of my work:


Learning How To Mother:

Complicated Grief Disorder:

The Life Changing Magic of Staying a Mess:

The Tracks: (Honorable mention at New York Documentary Festival)

“Thank you for saying it so I can feel it.” –A Fan


“Singing the messy truth from the rooftops” – Dr. Jane Hansen

TRYING TO BE GOOD: The Healing Powers of Lying, Cheating, Stealing and Drugs by popular radio host, blogger and personality Emelia Symington Fedy is her dark but comical story of vice and her obsessive odyssey to find inner peace at all costs. After a lifetime of self-help misadventures—hunting down shamans, hypnotists, soul advisors and online gurus; turning to drugs, world travel and bad sex to fill the void- Emelia’s spiritual reckoning doesn’t come until the death of her mom coincides with the birth of her first child. Rocked by grief, Emelia quits her quest for fulfillment. And in turning towards her pain Emelia finally finds what she’s been searching for her whole life, her mother’s undying love.

Coming soon…

“If you write a memoir I’ll be first in line to read it.”- Recovering Yogi


Camping out With Death:

Brazilian Waxing as a Spiritual Practice:

Sincerity Is In:

“Keep Writing Your Great Insights. The World Needs It Desperately”- Fan

You like my writing? I’ll send you a pitch. Or heck, just give me a word count and a topic and I’ll drop-kick it. Contact ME here with your interest.

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“Best. Blog. Ever.”–A Fan.

Print Interviews:

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I give great interview.

20 Questions:

20 questions with Emelia Symington Fedy

Emelia Bares It All On Air:

“You make me laugh, cry and pee my pants…pretty much the trifecta of excellence”
Om Town Yoga.

Alchemy Interview with Kris Ward (Abundant Yogi)
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In all my work a thread that runs through is challenging “Spiritual Capitalism” – people making money off our longing for God. I will have none of it. I will call it out. I will smash it down. I will rip it to shreds and I am not scared of pointing at the emperor (empress) who is wearing no clothes. But I will make you laugh hysterically while doing so.

Links to:

The Hypocrisy of the Light Leaders:

F*ck You Spiritual Teacher, You Don’t Know Shit: https://tryingtobegood.com/darkness/fuck-you-spiritual-teacher-you-dont-know-shit-a-rant

This Yoga Festival is Making Me Feel Like Shit.

The Abundance Train Just Crashed: