…Trying to be Good

“Best. Blog. Ever.”
–A Fan.

Trying to be Good talks about the dark in order to spread some light. It’s where we gather together to laugh at the horror of being human. Known for her straight up hilarity that often includes pointing out her own imperfections and stirring the collective pot Emelia dissects her own life lessons so others may do the same. Through writing, live performance, virtual workshops and retreats Emelia facilitates getting comfortable with our most uncomfortable parts. The entire gritty and sparkly point is to celebrate all of us, especially the fucked up bits.

“Did you get inside my head and record my deepest thoughts?”

My Rules

  • I only write about myself.

  • I assume I’m talking to my best friend.

  • I don’t mind pushing buttons. That’s when I know I’m onto something good.

  • I use satire as my weapon of choice.

  • I want to be a pleasure.


  • Keep it personal.

  • It's usually funny and a bit heartbreaking.

  • I'm full of contradictions.

  • I believe in prostrating myself in prayer for what I most long for, but I don't assume I’ll get it.

  • I’m cynical as hell but I believe the universe loves me.

“I think she might be the reincarnation of Andy Kaufman.”
-CBC Radio