Hey There!

Welcome to the secret sponsor page!

So here’s the details.

I have about 50,000 monthly readers.
2 staff working on building my online presence into hugeness.
And my integrity is intact.

There’s a “bookcast” on the way. It’s me reading my memoir but it’s not like the usual audio book, it’s more of a performance, full of heart and breath and tears. I share the story of my help-addiction that lead me across the world to hypnotists, hydrotherapists and cosmic dolphins, searching for inner peace. And then I got pregnant at the same time my mom was dying and no shaman in the world could save me from my pain- so I learned…how to be with myself. This “bookcast” will be for sale soon on ITunes, Audible, Amazon and my site so more traffic will be driven there because of that. A publicist will be hired, so again, more staff to big up my brand.

The next project is the Trying to be Good Podcast and this is where I’m looking for feminist, rebel-hearted business folks who want a fair trade of sponsorship on a strong brand with really loyal and specific followers. Intelligent. Women. Age 35-45. Entrepreneurs. Moms. Feminists. Shit- disturbers. Life Lovers. Creatives. Dream followers- with a sense of humour.

I want folks who want to help me promote the harsh/loving truth.

I believe we connect through our pain faster than through our joy and in Trying to be Good I interview everyone from famous people to my elderly next-door neighbor about the great big life-cracking thing that changed them- for good.

Hear some samples of my radio work here.

I need five sponsors who are willing to pay $1000 a month for a commitment of a year.

The project begins November 2017. I will host, write, interview produce and publicize the crap out of this podcast, again hiring a special agent to help me dive under the algorithms of Itunes and get play!

I’d love to talk on the phone. I’d love you to hear my voice and enthusiasm. I’d love to hear about you and the work you do in the world.

I want you to feel proud, like this project is yours. I want you invested, from the heart!

Email Me and we can set up a chat. I can’t wait to hear from you.

All best,