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TTBG-Make Good Art

TTBG-postcards-start now

TTBG-postcards-Who gives a f GOOD

TTBG-postcards-you live in a castle


I care about how you feel, not so much what you think. —TryingtobeGood.comDance like Jay-Z is watching. —TryingtobeGood.comSometimes your very best is fucking hilarious. —TryingtobeGood.comI fucking win! —TryingtobeGood.com The next time you feel uncomfortable, stay with it. —TryingtobeGood.com Rare, sacred, possible, necessary. —TryingtobeGood.com

Leave the fuck head. —TryingtobeGood.com

I'm always yours. —TryingtobeGood.com  Fuck perfect. —TryingtobeGood.com I just found this really, really old picture of you. —TryingtobeGood.com


This is what a feminist looks like. —TryingtobeGood.com I've got your back... What if we were all sisters? —TryingtobeGood.comHe just sits there, rain or shine, wating. —TryingtobeGood.com Things come true. —TryingtobeGood.comThis is what best friends look like. —TryingtobeGood.com