Select Praise for Emelia Symington Fedy

  • “Brilliant, brash and wickedly wise.”

    -Danielle LaPorte
    Author of The Desire Map

  • “Emelia Symington Fedy demonstrates both her fearlessness as a provocateur and her generosity as an artist.”

    –Colin Thomas
    Georgia Straight

  • “The show was hilarious. Symington Fedy’s acting was subtle but it was her small changes in expression which made mundane things funny. Without resorting to obvious angst or pathos she was funny and transfixing.”

    –GEIST Magazine

  • “The only thing that sucks about seeing a show this good is that it ruins everything else.”

    –Saskatoon Star Phoenix

  • “Sometimes you see a show that flies you to Venus and back, breaks your heart and reignites your love of theatre. This is that show.”

    -5 out of 5 stars, CBC

  • “This one-woman show takes us to another dimension. A dimension of absolutely bizarre and extreme hilarity. It’s performed luminescently by Emelia Symington Fedy who treats us to the most poignant stream-of-consciousness comedy you’ve ever been witness to in your life. Go.”

    –CBC Winnipeg

  • “Ridiculously Funny.”

    –Sarah Petrescu
    Times, Colonist

  • “Absolutely hilarious. A touching vulnerability.”

    –Gail Johnson, Georgia Straight

  • “The show’s charms could almost obscure the fact that it’s also tremendously sophisticated.”

    –The Courier

  • “Emelia will warm your heart and make you laugh hysterically at the same time.”

    –Winnipeg Sun

  • “Hilarious and thought provoking. She is a must see.”

    –Caroline Skelton
    Times Colonist

  • “Cheeky and irreverent. Edgy and hilarious.”

    –Edmonton Sun