SHE HAS TAKEN TO BED (a womanifesto for privacy)

You know in the “olden days” on our fake wood paneled doors we could hang a sign on the doorknob that said “STAY OUT” and “TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.”  Mine said “Leave me alone, I’m having a crisis” which is some serious fortune telling…

I feel guilty demanding space. I feel ashamed of the “unnatural tendency” of a woman wanting to be by herself.  I worry that I should enjoy my family all the time.

So as I do – when I feel these kinds of feelings – I rebel. I regress back to my childhood state and I made a sign of my own.

I didn’t post it on the door, but you are free to.

Here’s my arts and crafts copy.

And here’s your version: click on it and print it out. Put it on your car windshield or desk or whenever you may need to take to bed…

or at the very least know it’s there and it’s true.





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