You're Famous.

Queen Beyonce coined the term “Bootylicious,” Remember that? It’s a word but it’s also an adjective; a description of a look and a feeling. It was added to the dictionary.


The woman made herself a word.

Who else?

That bud beer commercial coined the phrase “wassup? Remember that? We all said that. “Wazzzzuuuuup!”


A new familial greeting was coined.

And throwback- we all copied Mike Myers in Wayne’s World when he coined “Noooooooooot.” Now that was funny, and then Borat brought it back.

b2bbd58acb37c4df6dcc9d7ca95af09aa6130c3988528fb0892a76c9057cf341Well I’m coining a “term” today.


It can be used if your friend looks particularly hot that day.

“You’re famous.”

Or when you see them shining brightly in their work:

“Whoa, you’re being totally famous right now.”

Or when commenting about yourself:

“Ya, feeling pretty famous today, with my new eyelash extensions.”


“I got this maternity pillow in the free bin. I feel super famous right now.”


Let’s be very clear; I’m not like “Ooooo fame is the gold star to try and attain.” I’m talking about walking down the street pretending that paparazzi is following you and feeling kinda famous about it.


Letting yourself feel what you imagine a bit of fame feels like- and I imagine it feels awesome.

My newly coined term “famous” means you are rocking the raddest you in this moment.

You are being seen. You are known.

And that’s actually a really famous thing of me to say.

I’m so famous. Seriously. I am. I’m famous.


ps. This is the first picture I found of me when I google imaged my name. Of course it is.