You Know You Have A Good Partner When / You Are A Good Partner When

You know you have a good partner when:

  • You drink soy creamer and they don’t- and they always remember to pick some up for you.
  •  They buy you flowers 4-6 times a year.
  •  The way they look at you makes you feel sexy.
  •  They do the annoying shit without whining about it (ie: take out recycling, compost and garbage. Also dealing with crying baby at 3:30am)
  • They listen to how your day was.
  • When they find you searching through the pile of butts on the porch, looking for the half-smoked one with pot in it (cause it’s been a shit day) they don’t judge. (This one is fictitious).

You know you are a good partner when:

  •  You put on some attractive underpants and initiate sex at least 1x a month (if you have kids) and 2x a month (if you don’t). *Hey, I’m being very realistic.
  • You continuously forgive them for leaving their pyjama bottoms on the floor and you never expect it to change.
  •  You see how hard they are working for you.
  • You touch them daily.
  • You keep following your calling at all costs, even if it takes time away from being with them.
  • You make room for them to do the same thing.
  •  You remember the day you met.