My European Summer Vacation (in pictures)

We took the kids to Holland and Spain this summer for a glorious holiday with family. I documented some of my moments for you.

I call this one breastfeeding into infinity. breatfeedingpool

One night the entire family made homemade tortellini. Nailed it. nailedit

I found these Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses in one of the bathroom cupboards of the villa. I asked my husband if I could take them. He said “they are probably the owners sunglasses” I said “but she’s not going to remember she left them here,” and he said “get your shitty karma away from my good karma.” So I had to leave them behind. But fuck they were good.



In the same cupboard I found an Epilady. A word of caution, don’t use an Epilady if you don’t know what it’s for. So, what’s an Epilady for? Is it for what I think it’s for? Because it caused me some serious damage.

We went to the castle that Salvador Dali re-built for his wife and muse Gala. She is an intriguing charachter. He had to write for permission to come and visit her in their own home and he painted all the ceilings with murals so whenever she looked up she thought of his love for her. This is his image of her as an angel.


And on our one and only date my husband took me to the equivalent of a Dollar Store. I was kinda pissed until…


…I found a sweet pair of shoes. Golden sparkly jellies for only 5 euro. He knows me so well. spainshoes

Here’s a viking I found sleeping in my bed one night.


And then another one showed up in the car the next day. In Europe, vikings are everywhere. sleeping viking

We saw a baby boar sleeping by the side of the road. Awwwww.


And in this very exciting gridlock people actually got on top of their cars to yell at each other. It was awesome.


I continued my search for David Sedaris from Spain. I thought if he saw a Spanish return address he might give me more credit than a Canadian one. (Some dude photo bombed me)


I sent it to the assistant of one of his many agents. I thought if she got a chuckle, she’d be more likely to pass it along…


This is the first time I’ve quoted myself. I promise.

I ran into a hot Spanish celebrity who was non-plussed to see me. But I took his photo anyway.

famous guy


team 2

And on the last night there all the kids watched their drunk parents suck at tennis.

Happy Summer from Trying To Be Good. I missed you all.

Love Em