Hometown Love!

Okay, I am going to share a proud moment with you all…

This is a documentary I just finished for CBC’s The Sunday Edition. It is called The Tracks and if you click on the link and scroll 4 doc’s down you can play it directly off their site. It’s only up for a week.

The Tracks is about growing up a young woman in a rural community (Armstrong BC). We spent a lot of our social lives as girls on the railroad tracks that run through the centre of town.

For generations, teenagers used the tracks for experimentation, adventure and a sense of freedom.
Until last Halloween when a young woman from my small town was murdered on the tracks.
The doc is about the tracks before and after her murder and how young women’s social lives and the use of the tracks has dramatically changed since.

The piece is literally very close to home for me. I deeply respect all the folks involved in the story. Have a listen. I am proud.

The Tracks

With love,