Advice- How to keep the sex alive

Welcome to my very first Audio Advice Column. I recorded the first few in the basement of my mom’s house. So I’m calling them The Basement Sessions.

I swear, this is a secret skill I am about to unleash here.

Already the critics are in and they say:

“She’s funny, smart and loves you.”

“Holy goddess you are talented. You pulled it out, rolled it up and smoked it.”

“We listened to it together, I cried, he held me. It’s going to be okay!”

“Thank you up, down and underneath. Your my hero.”

I have been giving unsolicited advice for years and now it’s solicited which makes me SO HAPPY. You know when you hit your mark every couple years. This is my mark right now. Enjoy. Download. Pass it around. Send in your personal burning questions and I will have yer’ back.

CLICK BELOW to learn how to keep things sexy. This is NOT PG 13. Be forewarned.