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Topics include: The Power of Being Your Ugly Self, “Bad” Parenting, The Pain of Spiritual Capitalism, Allowing Angry Woman, and Being Successful is an Addiction.

“I feel so understood and I never said a thing”
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I tell stories about myself on national public radio.
Usually they are funny and a bit heartbreaking.

Learning How To Mother (CBC)

New motherhood. In that most natural, deepest human connection in the world, it's all about love, instant bonding, devotion, joy. The truth is richer in a way and more complicated. This is Emilia Symington Fedy with her essay "Learning How to Mother" on The Sunday Edition.

Complicated Grief Disorder (CBC)

For years, Emelia Symington Fedy relied on anti-depressants - to help with the sadness of a break-up, for general anxiety. But the death of her mother, just after the birth of her first child, sent her into a spiral of grief that no medication could cure. That, it turned out, was a good thing.

The Life Changing Magic of Staying a Mess (CBC)

Why you should just ignore all that advice about de-cluttering: In a world bent on simplicity and the great un-cluttering, Emelia Symington Fedy makes the case for holding on tight to the objects that shaped you, even if they create a great big fat mess.

The Tracks (Honorable mention at New York Documentary Festival) (CBC)

Armstrong has a railway track - built in 1890 - that runs smack dab through the centre of town. A couple of trains barrel on through every day. Armstrong is in effect cut in half. If you want to get quickly from one side of town to the other, you take the tracks. It's Armstrong's viaduct, of sorts. But if you're a teenager, the tracks are a refuge, a ribbon of adventure, freedom, experimentation.


From famous people to grandmothers – right to the heart of the matter.

Danielle LaPorte: Fame, its downsides.


Jan Derbyshire: Mental illness, addiction, creativity and maybe we are all crazy?


Omari Newton: How to be a white ally


Cathy Jones: My comedy hero



Camping out With Death (Huffpost)


Brazilian Waxing as Spiritual Practice (Huffpost)


Vancouver's New Antiquarian movement: Sincerity is in (Westender)


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20 Questions (Vancouver Presents)


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“Spiritual Capitalism”. One of my favorite topics. This one’s a discussion about the line between gluttony and poverty mentality in the spiritual world. Lovingly, we both hold to our guns.