Working Out After Kids (pods and vids of my summer progress)


I was recently asked “how do I lose weight? Should I lose weight? Is my husband a dick for not being into my recent weight gain? I decided to take these questions on through a live podcast and videos of my recent attempt at weight loss.

In this post you will listen to a 5 min podcast of me giving this woman advice on her weight losss options.

You can also check out these video’s of me trying to lose weight this summer. Click on them and have a laugh.

It’s mostly fun but definitely serious. Losing weight sucks. I thought she deserved a whole bunch of support, even if most of it is the groaning kind.

Lose Weight.
Gain Weight.
Love Thyself.

I’m going offline and outta sight till the end of summer, a bit of an internet detox, so have a lovely August.