Woman is Obsessed with Hopping Club

I went home to our annual fall fair. I’m not a ride girl. Last year on the ferris wheel I had to get them to stop it and let me off as it was the scariest thing I’d ever done.

I was crying and sweating and frozen in fear, my hands gripping the bar like white claws.
Not even joking.
My husband thought it was hilarious.
I kept repeating “This is worse than childbirth” over and over which was weird because I hadn’t given birth yet and now I can say that no, the ferris wheel is not worse than childbirth- but I’d compare it to being cornered in a dark alley with a guy holding a machete. Truly heart stopping.

I digress.
The best thing about this years fair was something new called the BUNNY AGILITY COMPETITION.
I became obsessed with the bunny trainers. I had a favourite bunny. The woman behind me told me my screaming was scaring them and ruining the race. I couldn’t help it. The tension was incredible.

So…for my last post ever on my beautiful, loved, home-built site I give to you….


And if you want to learn more…a news clip about the Canadian Hopping Club.

And their first trip to the big lights: