Judgements from the Quote Queen

I love me a good quote. I’ve got one pasted to the back of my bathroom mirror right now and it’s been there through three moves, for about a decade. So I’m committed.

This being said, there are some royal bullshit quotes flying around the internet and today I’m taking the time to lay some opinions down.

#1. “You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose”.  -Abraham Lincoln

Does this mean I can be a supermodel? I’m 5 feet one inches tall with a cesarean scar and at least two weird ass bone spurs on my left foot. If I spend my life dedicated to the practice of being a supermodel, do I have a chance? FUCK NO. And a Syrian child born in a refugee camp isn’t going to become Governor of Texas no matter how much she wants to. This is some dangerous bullshit to be posting on Instagram.  If you believe this shit there’s a pretty good chance you are white, do yoga and have a trust fund. Also, the quote doesn’t quite ring true anymore because INTERNET.

Another Abraham…except this Abraham is a deity that is channelled through Jerry Hicks and spoken aloud by his wife Esther. Everyone who is spiritual knows who these dudes are. Abraham channels really inspiring things like “if you believe it you will receive it” and more controversial things like “a beggar asked for that life experience and someone who gets a disease has issues with negative thinking”. This trio is extremely popular with the woo-woo crowd because it reinforces their privilege and makes us feel like we have some sort of control over the cosmos, except now Jerry is dead from cancer and his wife tried to cover it up by saying he died of a spider bite, and then she went on touring and became the direct channel of Abraham, Jesus, God and Buddha all at the exact same time. So….there’s that. But, I must admit I fucking love an infinity pool.


This is what the weirdos are trying to say- and Albert nails it. It’s still pretty woo-woo but because he’s a scientist I’m going to believe him. I just can’t figure out how this system takes into account poverty and hunger… maybe impoverished people don’t get to know the “frequency of the reality they want”? This is a mystery I cannot solve.


Yep. Good. Love it.

“I’ve been terrified my whole life and I haven’t let that stop me from doing anything Iwanted to do”.– Georgia O’Keeffe


Yes. Another strong rebel quote. Perfect.

Keep ’em coming.

“What You Seek is Seeking You”. – Rumi

My bones want to believe this.

There is something so relieving about falling into a belief and letting it take you away. Stopping the questions and simply agreeing with something wholeheartedly, finally. This is what quotes do, they give us a minute of comfort, something to hold onto…on the vessel…in the storm…of life. You can quote me on that.

‘To Live is to Suffer”.- Buddha

Maybe one of the most rebellious quotes of all. And of course, he doesn’t mean it like “to live is to be a negative asshole.” Buddha is just speaking the truth. Life is difficult, you will know great pain; accept this and you will be free.

And finally…

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It’s to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well”. – Ralph Waldo Emmerson

 You win Ralph. Can we just agree that this inspirational quote is the most inspiring of them all.