Chin Hair

*My first review on a product that did not asked to be reviewed

I am husbandless, home-ownershipless, childless and  right now “technically” job-less and in my mid-30s. The truth hurts.

But that is not the worst of it. On my 30th birthday God started giving me a present. Hair started to grow on my face in weird places. The most terrible place that the hair started to grow was on my chin.

Now I am what you call lowest of the low maintenance. I could go weeks without a shower. My long hair is always in a low pony tail. I would love to live outside. My best friend asked me to stop touching her face and I thought it was because she had a weird hang up about being touched but  it was really because she thought my nails were too dirty.

I am not a hippy. Just lazy.

Point being plucking and tweezing is really, really at the bottom of the “to do” list for me. I would find myself watching a movie and trying to pull the little chin buggers out with my dirty nails. When it got to me doing this in public places like rehearsals or dinner parties I asked my boyfriend to give me a secret sign that i would notice and stop myself.

So…me and my man are at the ferry terminal in Departure Bay and I see it. It is called the ‘Twist and Roll’.

Now, please click the link below. You don’t have to watch the whole commercial. After 30 seconds you will get the jist of it. Then pause it and come back to me.

You understand why I got incredibly excited.

It is so easy.

I tried it myself.


That’s all folks.

Pretty good review if i do say so myself.

I think I’ll stick to public finger plucking.