Should I Retire?

This is a really quick one.

The question is: Should I retire?

LISTEN below to the “preach it” session I give. And I really do give a good sermon.

should i retire

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Read the transcript below if you don’t got the time to listen to my sermon. But seriously, I shout it loud from the mountaintops.

The question is: Should I retire?

I’m going to make some assumptions about you.

You want to retire. You are unhappy with your work.

You can retire. It is not dire straights and you can afford to live more simply and take the pay cut.

You have been thinking about this for a long time.

So my answer is yes.

Please retire.

The only people that don’t want to retire are people who love their vocation. I don’t want to retire. I will do what I do until I die because it fills me up. I do it whether or not I get paid. I’m not getting paid right now by the way. You should see the state of my house. And I’ve got 15 min before the boy wakes up. I ran downstairs to come and do what I love in this brief moment I can fit it in. If you don’t feel that with your job and you have the opportunity to change that.

Don’t waste another minute.

I will say this to a million people a million times. It might be the most important thing there is for me to say. There are people who would drop to their knees in tears if they could retire. So if you have the option…

Do it. Do what you have been most longing to do before it’s too late.

And retiring doesn’t mean quitting anything. It means opening up and heading towards what’s really calling you and that may be difficult. It may be terrifying. It may seem impossible.

Start small. Find the thing that fills you up. Start doing it. Now.

You paid your dues.

You are free.

You owe it to the world to be of service to the thing you love. You owe it to your grandchildren to be of service to the thing you love. You owe it to God to be of service to the thing you love.