…A Necessary Creative.

An ongoing, online creative woman’s support group.
…because you have to.

I have no choice.
I am pulled, teeth gnashing into doing what I feel called to do – at any cost- because if I don’t I’m miserable and I make everyone around me miserable too.

Are you a Necessary Creative?

This is an online support group/training that I tailor specifically to you.

Using group intelligence, gentle prodding, and strategies that have helped me get the demons off my back we are going to find, refine and call forward your gem. It’s time. It’s probably past time.

It’s not 6 figures in 6 weeks. It’s not 3 easy steps. But I believe that if you have a group of women supporting you, hearing your creative blocks and holding you to your goals- you will make money. One day. Only (as I look above holding my hands to the sky) can tell you the timeline on this. Not me.

But I will facilitate a curriculum in which you get the space to pinpoint your exact vision and you will leave the 6-week session with the steps in place to take action on moving your great work to the level you long for it to be.

I can promise you that.

Next Group starts Nov. 1st, 2017
Wednesdays. 10am-12pm PST (because the first step is putting yourself on the schedule)
$429 (Canadian? PayPal me here. Eff the exchange rates.)

The logistics are 6 weekly meetings, once a week prompts, a lifetime private Facebook support group (that costs everyone else $24 a month so…good deal), one personal call to map out your specific goals and a final personal check in.

It’s not easy putting yourself first. It’s absolutely terrifying to imagine that what you do is worth the work. I feel you. I’ll help you with that too.

I’m a Necessary Creative.

When I don’t do what I love the most, I hurt my family, I’m useless to my community and I’m not respecting why I was put on this planet.

So we do it not just for us. It’s bigger than that.

And I create the structure for you to focus entirely on what your singular purpose is- and step-by-step- make it happen.

What I truly believe is not only can you do what you love for a living- you have to.

So email me with questions or Sign Up right here right now and I’ll send you the logistics.

The next class runs Wednesdays, Nov 1-Dec 6th 2017 and I only take 8-10 women per session so if you feel called…You are a Necessary Creative.

Welcome to the club.

And you are so close. My job is to ignite you to make it happen.

Necessary Creatives

New group Nov. 1st - Dec. 6th, 2017.
Wednesdays. 10am-12pm PST
$429 (Canadian? paypal.me/EmeliaSF.
Eff the exchange rates.)

6 weekly meetings, once a week prompts, a lifetime private Facebook support group (that costs everyone else $24 a month so…good deal), one personal call to map out your specific goals and a final personal check in.


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2. After you submit your payment, you’ll receive your welcome email and a link to schedule your first session with me within 1 business day.
Have questions? Email me.

  • “If you ever have a chance to be lead by the incomparable Emelia, whether it be in a creative endeavour, towards your true purpose or to find your fate—DO IT!”

    – Melissa Oei

  • “You are so lucky to be supported, loved, connected for 6 magical weeks with Emelia at the helm. She gets your soul and ego talking to each other so you can move forward in the work YOU HAVE to do. Emelia laser focuses on exactly what each individual needs. It’s a group experience that feels intimately customized for each person…and Emelia makes it look effortless.”

    – Jen Vertanen

  • “The Necessary Creatives Group is like a support group for your dreams. The opportunity to connect with other inspiring women and be led by the brazen and beautiful Emelia is worth more than any amount of money. You will learn about your true desires, refine your purpose and ignite your passion all over again. You will be charged up with invigorating new ideas and concrete steps to take action. It’s no BS and all love.”

    – Shelly Rezai

  • “Necessary Creatives is a modern online support community around empowerment and personal action. Emelia is an honest and raw group facilitator that guides important conversations surrounding painful blocks. She brings light to your dark and holds nurturing space for every individual in the group.”

    – Quinn Lundburg

“This course was exactly what I needed to give me a gentle push to uncover the real reasons I create what I do. I was scared at first but for 2 months I was looking forward to the calls more than anything else all week. Emelia has the unique ability to truly see people. She can lead other artists to look inside themselves, and teaches tactical steps to move forward. She’s experienced all of it before and her honesty and openness only encourages the same. It was real, it was vulnerable, there were tears and laughter. I came away with a clear artist statement, actions and a defined motivation to help keep me on track. Immeasurable Value!”

– Sarah Drake

“So let’s imagine for a moment you are talking to the littlest you. A tiny version that sits on the tip of your own finger.”