…Turning your vulnerability into the highlight of the event.

Signature Speeches and Keynote Sessions

Your Guts on the Floor. Your Heart in their Hands.

You cannot play to the middle.

You’re not gonna lie.

You know your brand, your work and your mission but you still struggle with the vulnerability of real visibility, letting all of your unpolished parts shine through.

You’re soooo close… where’s the break though? ME.

Holding Your Hand Most Popular!

Imagining an interview, tv spot or anything live makes you want to puke. So from start to finish, we write, edit and rehearse your mission and passion and “speech.” This is great for first-timers, new topics and folks who are terrified as hell but know you have something necessary to say or sell. Gentle, yet straight- up, Emelia walks with you through the entire process, on your time, in your speed, You leave with confidence in your ability to be eloquent and clear. You will not puke, in fact, you will be proud.
Contact me personally for rates as this timeline is specific to you.


Chomping at the Bit


USD You are so close. You have an awesome speech but you need it tweaked and tightened and rehearsed. Emelia makes you go deep and get gutsy and your speech goes from good to holy-mother-fuck. It’ll take us less than a week. This one’s my favorite!


Canadian? Paypal me here. Eff the exhange rates.

The Blast


USD You’ve done it before but you’re not getting the laughs or cries you long for. We get really specific. Eye contact. Timing. Edits. Joke doctoring- to get you your standing ovation.


Canadian? Paypal me here. Eff the exhange rates.
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About Emelia Symington Fedy

Co-artistic director of The Chop Theatre with 20 new award-winning works presented across Canada and abroad, Emelia is first and foremost a performer. Except not. She’s herself. Always. And by sharing all of her gritty, dark, ugly bits, this is how she gets noticed.

Learning how to drop the mask and really let the audience in, your speech or interview becomes an intimate conversation, a heartfelt story, and a live personal memoir.
It’s an honor to help you blast everyone out of the water. And the audience will love watching you shine.