How To Be Yourself: Online and Onstage

Virtual one-on-one’s to get comfortable with visibility.

What’s a Gut instinct?

You feel it in your whole body and you know when you’re not listening. You are not as doing well as you want and it hasn’t been as easy as you assumed. You have great work but there’s a gap- where you are and where you want to be.

The reason I make any money doing what I love is because I let it all hang out. And the more honest I am, the more people love it.

This candor is terrifying and also necessary in the world, so we start seeing that we are all just “trying to be good.”

So in these personal one-on-one sessions we break some patterns.

We rebel.

No one can fire you from doing your own thing.

No more playing the “expert.” No more masks. No more grasping to be noticed online or onstage. You get confident “being yourself” in the world.

And your work becomes revolutionary.


  • Not censoring yourself. There may be dichotomies (that’s intriguing).
  • Fortifying yourself (so you can handle the love and hate mail).
  • Failing (being imperfect publically).

We go back to the basics of who you are. What only you have to offer and how your great vulnerability can change the world.

Blogs, podcasting, videos, speaking gigs, an important interview…

I’m your tough-love creative coach. Editing. Challenging. Rehearsing. Working our asses off on you…so your presentation is professional and poised and ALL YOU!

Stand out and stay true to yourself. Imagine that!

This is fucking warrior work. Let’s do it.

“Emelia and the journey she takes you on is absolutely and definitely worth the time and money. The clarity you gain is profound and the inspiration to follow your heart (and answer the call of your soul) is long lasting. Working with Emelia was one of the best decisions I have made for myself and my business.”

-Susan Tschirhart Stewart