It’s my Birthday. HURRAY HURRAY!

Birthdays are a big deal for me. I don’t know why but I’m 38 today and I give a shit about it. I give a shit about your birthday too, but I’ve noticed it’s a bit abnormal to expect a bunch of fan fair on your birthday after the age of say….18 so I like to fan fair myself a bit. 

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I figure 1 day a year we should celebrate the hell out of ourselves and own the queen. Ya know?

Have a listen to last week’s radio shows.

Dawn Petten and I talk about sex. (and it’s hilarious)

Paul and I talk about drugs (and it’s mind blowing)

Joel Solomon and I do a live memoir of his life (and it’s inspiring)

And here’s a very special hot-off-the-press introduction to my book. No one (not even my husband) has read it yet. Does it make you want more? I think we’re gonna have a book within the year so stay tuned…

Starting with the unfortunate circumstances surrounding her birth and moving through her life-long misadventures and f*ck-ups, this is the true story of one woman’s search for happiness, at any cost. After spending almost $80,000 on urban shamans, yoga, drugs and online tele-summits trying to find “the thing” that will make her feel whole, when the death of her mom coincides with the birth of her first child, Emelia is confronted with the realization that sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can’t escape pain.

 This self-help odyssey tracks Emelia’s obsessive quest for meaning across the world and ends in a rude spiritual awaking when she realizes that she’s addicted to the search itself and the self-help industry she’s been relying on to guide her is capitalizing off her pain.

So Emelia tries something new. She says no to the temptations of healers and hypnotherapy. She shuns yoga. She empties her inbox of goddess webinars and she tries to learn to feel- everything.

This is the journey of a rebel-hearted woman willing to try it all and when she quits the search; for her radio and blog fans who love Emelia for her heartfelt cynicism and brutal honestly, what she discovers is liberating.

Happy birthday to me.

I love gifts.

I love more friends.