A faun was taken down by two coyotes on my mother’s front lawn last night. She lives in a subdivision in a small town by a golf course (not in the woods) so it’s pretty amazing to have that on TV outside your front window.

So these coyotes took down the baby while the mom and his sister looked on. She thinks they broke his neck cause it was alive but couldn’t get up. She said the mama and sister were hiding around the side of the house and kept charging, trying to scare the coyotes away. The coyotes were scared and could only get at the fawn for short periods of time. The strangest thing to me is that she said they went straight for the asshole of the baby deer every time. They would try to eat his butt. He was bleating and screaming and my mother found all this out because the neighbor phoned at 5am and woke her out of her sleeping pill to tell her this happened at midnight and would she please do something about it as if because it was happening on her lawn it was her responsibility. My mother promptly fell back asleep. When she woke up the savage event was still happening. Mom and her neighbor watched for a while. The neighbor called a man she knew and he came over with a hammer and put the baby out of its misery at around 7am. Thank God for men.

My mother walked up close to the dead fawn. She put a tarp over it and flowers on the mound and said a prayer to the spirit of the animal. She said she spent the morning contemplating the cruelty of nature. It’s true. It’s fucking savage out there. But it’s also getting close to wintertime and those coyotes probably have young ones to feed and they were just trying to take care of their own.

But the butt, why did they keep going for the butt?

I just don’t understand.