I am a dick

Be yourself.

Even if yourself is a real know-it-all critical asshole sometimes.

Really be that ass.

Deeply love that ass.

There are lots of other asses out there that will be relieved to hear they are not alone and you may even find yourself more popular than normal. All kidding aside, the only way to get what I long for in life is to fully embrace and share all of who I am with the world.

In my case, that is being a bit of a shithead. You have no idea what relief I feel when I let my inner bitch free. I get all weepy and thankful. It doesn’t mean I am intentionally mean or cruel to anyone. It just means that sometimes I’m a bit of a donk or a dork or a dill or even a total dick at times and I really just want to be able to share that part of myself with y’all.

The dick in me just posted this photo.

Sick hey?

Don’t worry they are just fish.

So sick!

I’m such a dick.