The Hypocrisy of the Light Leaders.

I’m a hypocrite.

Let’s start with that.

I’m imperfect. I’m fucked up. I have righteous intentions about how one should behave to be a “good” person and then I go have a smoke.

And I have beliefs that are important to me like ‘becoming vegan’ and then I eat pizza with cheese on it cause the kids are having it for dinner…and then at Christmas that fucking cheese ball comes out again and I can’t help myself… and then I re-commit to my firm belief that we could SAVE the world and feed ALL people if we were vegans, not to mention, not torturing animals anymore and then I order my husband 3 months worth of “free range” chicken breasts for his birthday…cause he just loooooves chicken.

So. I’m a sanctimonious hypocrite. That’s the base-line.

But. I do not sell myself as a spiritual leader or teacher in any way. Ever.

My job is to be the clown. I ask questions. I press the parts that hurt, (mine and yours) in the hopes to illicit some healing.

So I guess I feel I can get away with…being contradictory. It’s actually my job, to be figuring this shit out, in real time, with you.

Once every few years I get a real straw up my ass. Some bullshit I see happening that I just cannot abide. E.g.: FU Spiritual Teacher, You Don’t Know Shit and This Yoga Festival is Making Me Feel Like Shit. and The Abundance Train Just Crashed.

So here’s the next latest and greatest RANT.

First up:

What are “light leaders?”

  1. They are people who give themselves the title.
  2. Who deeply believe the power of light and joy and abundance will bring them happiness.
  3. And their job is to bring more light into the world, as leaders of the movement.

Light leaders have so much power.

Because we, the seekers, who want to feel good, who long for only one small thing…to sit in our bodies with contentment, are willing to spend $1,000’s of dollars to learn how to do it. We go on retreats, mastermind groups, tele-summits and webinars, all with the pure reasonable hope of finding some “inner peace.”

That’s what it comes down to right?

So these light leaders have a responsibility, if they are going to take on the role, to truthfully model their life, so we the seekers…can learn, be inspired and…get our money’s worth.

Let the unsolicited the rant begin…

What the mother-fuck is going on with all this bullshit money grabbing, inspirational speaking-gig rockstars stealing work from folks who wrote it 60 years ago and giving them no credit (i.e.: The Course in Miracles) and no, I’m not afraid to allude to names, but I can’t actually say them because these light leaders will sue my ass. They do. They threaten to sue each other.

This was a real conversation I heard:

“Someone took my content and spoke about it at a gig in San Fran. Word for word, stole my work.” And then I’m like “Your content mother-fucker that was Vishnu’s content 3000 years ago…”

This shit is happening. Light leaders suing light leaders. Light leaders pretending to care about what is going on with this planet but only donating money to charity’s that give them the best tax breaks. Light leaders wearing FUR in videos about cultivating compassion. Light leaders not considering their students as #1. Light leaders asking for “nothing political” in their comment sections. Light leaders who main personal objective is getting loaded with cash.

This is not leading me towards the light.

I can’t remember the study and I’m too lazy to fact check but I heard once that money does buy happiness, to a point.

After $100,000 net a year, life gets more stressful than less.

Financial advisors, property managers, lawyers, taxes and big jobs all end up making- making anything more than $100,000 a year not happy. In fact, stressed as shit.

Listen. I love a mani/pedi, and a vacation, and cool locally designed clothes, and fancy organic face cream and clean sheets in a hotel room. But the rest is gluttony. It’s unnecessary, and truly, truly, if we are going to be responsible citizens, if we have more than we need to have a really good time (cause I’m all for a good time) the rest needs to be dispersed equitably.

And the top-end light leaders aren’t teaching us this through their actions:

 “Instagramming from Cuba! Love this freedom! Come to my mastermind group and see how you too can live the lifestyle dream!”

It’s a lie. They are lying. Or they are the precious few with magical unicorn powers.

Another light leader in the biz was a publicist before she was a “light leader”. So you know what that means? She’s really fucking good at promoting herself as a light leader. She became her own client. It’s smoke and mirrors.

Another light leader only flies first class so they can be “energetically” prepared for their workshops. This of course, makes their teachings cost prohibitive.

I call this “Spiritual Capitalism” – people making money off our longing for God.

And this rant is my rally cry against it.

The world needs a radical shift. But I don’t believe the light leaders are taking us where we need to go.

We need to travel together, no more individuality, or hierarchy, or “leaders” in a multi-million dollar industry that used to be a sacred path…let’s share our ideas and resources. Let’s ask questions when we get annoyed at our fellows in the biz, not just unfollow or unsubscribe. Let’s collaborate and give props where props are due. Let’s big each other up.

It’s our job to sniff out the stink.

As a team of intelligent people, we need to stop spending money on chasing the enlightenment dragon and instead, learn to sit with the all-consuming discomfort of being a human being.

Money will not take that feeling of emptiness away.

Neither will following your dreams.

Neither will getting your dreams.

The only way to really real contentment is getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and the people who teach that shit don’t call themselves light leaders. They aren’t accruing ginormous amounts of wealth with all their genius business schemes to save the world and make 6-figures in the process and get to be on Oprah’s Spiritual Sundays. They are too busy outside, doing work, helping people, and spreading light…

So light workers. You are not helping us. You are creating more division in fact by telling us over and over again that abundance is the goal and darkness is low vibes. You shame us when we are depressed, addicted, working our tits off to make our dreams come true while parenting and trying to make dinner and then you “drip campaign” the fuck out of us till we fall for another hope-filled possibility that the pain will go away for good.

It won’t. Ever.

Let’s talk about that.

Because we are all in this together. We know that. Let’s play the long game and love each other on the way.

Imagine not being afraid of being blacklisted from your entrepreneurial community because your truth is different than someone else’s truth.

Imagine being excited that someone was inspired by “your” material and chose to quote you when speaking and everyone gets props! Imagine that speaking gig!

Imagine not censoring yourself and being radical in your beliefs and not afraid of being sued by your spiritual community/mentors.

 Imagine being affirmed on social media for putting out your best efforts (imperfect as they may be), not judged because you are a political downer or a radical.

This is my goal.

Pain is as necessary as euphoria.

Embarrassing failure is as important as inspired vision.

That’s light to me.

 Now, (as a self-proclaimed hypocrite) I’m off to figure out how to monetize my website. For serious.

Love, The Darkness Leader