Women. Women. Rah! Rah! Rah!

Every night after I leave my radio show on the drive home I think “that was seriously the best interview yet!”

I don’t understand how they just keep getting better and better?! The show has gotten so much great feedback I’m now airing at 1pm PST and 9pm PST and dear lord, one day soon there is a podcast coming (sometimes technology is so slow). So for folks who are finding it hard to stream, or too tired to stay up till 9pm (me). I wanted to share some interviews that I got to have with women this week.

Listen while you fold laundry:


This interview is with Willow Yamauchi. She’s the best storyteller I know. She’s so full of heart and guts and hilarity and I’ve never heard her tell the same story twice. In this interview, we do a 2 person story slam. Her against me. Guess who wins?

Or listen while trying to potty train:


This conversation is with my new besty Mary-Jo Dionne who I met as we sat down at the mic. We found we had so many things in common like we both were offered to be the face of a “vaginal wipes” campaign. She is one of those people who does it all: Podcaster, editor, writer, comic, mom. She’s had cancer and the worst pregnancy you could ever imagine. I couldn’t stop laughing. 

Or while doing your dishes:


*none of these pictures are of my house btw. 

 I have to include my regular feminist columnist Kelly Diels. In her third time on TTBG radio, we talk about her upcoming book The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand. What I love so much about this woman is her commitment to us all rising together, her belief in herself and me and you and her tenacity at fighting for us all. 

Or trying to do the dishes at least…

FullSizeRender 2

And finally Heather Thorkelson. This woman is a modern day explorer (like actually with penguins and polar bears) who does whatever the eff she wants and loves her work. And when I first heard about her I was like, ya, on a trust fund. But nope. It’s her smarts and hard work and creativity. Tune on in. 

I also want to share my 4th Annual Hawaii Retreat next March 2017 that already has only 6 spaces left. Click for dates and activities. I can’t talk too much about it for fear of breaking the spell but here’s a picture of my co-facilitator (just so you get the vibe of how serious we are.)


Women are rocking my world right now.