In the thick of Motherload

“Mom, why are you making a play about being a mom, when you should be home BEING a mom?!“- Jade1382420_567241610010380_1072435535_n

I’m about to open my biggest show to date. It’s called Motherload and it’s about the dark and hilarious side of contemporary parenting.

I started working on writing grants for this show while my mother was dying in the next room, just so I could place my eyes on the horizon.  I continued working on finding funding for the production as my new baby slept on my chest.DSCN2243

I gathered a group of the greatest actressses I could ask for and they worked for free if I covered their childcare. Not once did they say “I’ll leave if I don’t get paid” because they knew the project was bigger than that.

We worked with the kids in the room.


We collected material via text messages

photo 4photo 3 photo 2

We wrote about our most personal fears and told private stories that made us laugh till we dribbled pee (which wasn’t very hard because we all dribble now).

We asked our partners to be ok with putting our family life on stage.

And when the days were long, we read stories to our kids via

We found more money, we got more help, the ball started rolling and The Cultch picked up the show.

I now go to rehearsal with a newborn strapped to my chest (baby #2). The director has her baby with her too and we breastfeed or pump on breaks.IMG_2468

Over the 2 years it has taken to build this show we have worked through births, death, mama’s getting sick, missing our kids birthdays and chipped teeth.

We went on a writing holiday together (with 9 kids) and worked in a barn.IMG_3017

Every morning we gather together and ask “ok, who cried last night?” We let it all out then we get into it.

We are 5 professional artists. We have been naked on stage, we have worked with budgets of millions, we have written films and starred in movies, we have had c- sections and shined shoes to pay the bills and this show is the scariest thing we have ever done.

Because it’s about the pain that goes along with being a mom; and that is so difficult to talk about. We are supposed to be happy and thankful. And we are, of course we are, but we are also angry and terrified and really bad at it sometimes.IMG_2515

So, if you live in Vancouver, come see Motherload.  Please. We’re terrified, but we made this play for you. It’s a song to every mom out there- reminding you that you are not alone; in fact you are held in a thick, clumsy, glorious net that was built a long time ago by a lot of different ladies and all you have to do is be willing to fall.

Also, who doesn’t like a buncha East Van Moms talking shit.

P.S. Here’s a secret video that our stage manager took during a creation period. The girls are gonna kill me for posting it.