The Dreaded Offline Summer Detox

I’m headed for the hills. Tomorrow, my family and I are climbing into our Westfalia van and going camping for close to three weeks.

It’s terrifying for me at first, to be offline. How will I know if I matter? The addiction is real.

After a few days of manically checking my social media feeds in gas station bathrooms, the tightness lessens and I’m able to look out the window more and sing silly songs more and not be sure what’s next on the schedule of….no plans for three weeks. I start to feel myself lightening up and not identifying so tightly to the roles of writer, radio host, do-er, maker, worthy human.


About a week in I find myself re-remembering who else I am; meanderer, fire builder, dish scrubber, lake swimmer and napper.

And by the end of the trip I’m all like “inter-what?” and “face-who?” and I’ll probably write a disgustingly righteous piece about “being in the now.”

It’s a difficult task to release all the monkeys in my mind, so I make sure I practice once a year.

Because for me, to relax takes discipline. It’s hard work.  And I’m actually nervous and skittery the first few days, coming off the high of my self-imposed self -importance.

Come with me. We’ll be in the Okanagan. Our Westy is white and we’re hoping to be camping near a lake and the boys will be hitting me with shovels while I try to read.


Here are some TTBG Radio shows to tune into while I’m getting a wicked burn:

Chris Dierkes talks about how his child is a psychopomp and how enlightenment is actually only the first phase of spiritual awakening. Mind blown.

Elfina Luk and I talk about the times in life we’ve had to put our big girl pants on. She cried. I laughed. It was a beautiful conversation about being mothers, daughters and trying to be grown ups.

I make Paul Anthony cry.  We talk about the subtle brilliance of good satire, our responsibility as artists and when we’ve fucked up royally in public.

Sjanie McInnis is my yoga teacher. This is her third interview in TTBG. Every single time she steps it up and kicks my spiritual butt.

Ami Gladstone, Canadian writer and director talks about his career, “making it” or whatever that means and when great theatre is made, how it feels to be a part of.

Kelly Diels talking about her book The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand. She kills this interview. She kills it dead.


Summer love to you all,