Stop: Enough is Enough

That time of day you want to smash your fist through your computer due to its ineptitude.

That kind of day where you have a lot of very important and essential things to do and none of it gets done (due to bullshit).

When you are convinced the universe is deciding to ruin you (or at least challenge your very essence).

When you desperately, absolutely cannot stand straight up due to fatigue but there are 3 more hours till you can get a moment…

When tiny nightmares live with you and are ruining your marriage.

Or you are lonely and wonder what’s wrong with you?

That time there’s no food in the house so you eat a freezer burnt hot dog over the sink.

And you can’t remember the last time you showered but you don’t care.

Or you’re running around with your impossibly long to-do list and can’t imagine how it will get done…

When the chaos is swirling and your mind cannot get out of its own descent into darkness.

When you are sweating and overwhelmed and your head hurts.


Please just stop.

Put on a show for the kids.

Take a tea break if you are at work.

Lie and say there is an emergency at home…and you need 30 minutes to figure it out.

Print this out and answer the prompts out imagining you are 11 years old again.

Enough is Enough

Then go hide in the car, or the bedroom, or your friend’s office…

Close the door and curl up for 15 whole minutes and Breathe. Breathe. Breathe with your hands on your chest.

This is magic.

It’s a powerful act that will re-set your brain to get you through the rest of your ridiculously trying day.

It is a necessary reminder that enough is enough…

Enough is Enough