Re-remembering a revelation

This is one of those revelations you had when you were 16 and it changed your outlook on life completely but then you forgot it and then re-remembered it in your mid-30’s, so here’s hoping it sticks this time. Drum roll please.

The universe is not out to get me. It actually wants me to be happy and for life to be easy. Like a good host or hotel manager, it wants my stay here to be as enjoyable as possible. It is not in its best interest for me to have a shit time. Then I wouldn’t plant flowers and be grateful and forgive people and work hard every day to do my very best to contribute to the universe. Like a good guest, I want to make a good impression and possibly be taken out to the local secret eating establishments, natural hotprings and out of the way jerky shops. It’s a win-win for both of us. So the universe is   nice to me and I am nice to the universe and we all want each other to be happy because we all deserve to be happy ( babies crying in the background from hunger and disease, wha? ) But honestly it was a revelation. The universe has no interest in my suffering, maybe only if I learn something good from the suffering to add back to the universe but overall I have a huge party on my side and I see it and I am going to start try to have more fun.

This guy beside me in the seat in the airplane is making it very clear that our armrest that is ours to share is his. I put my little elbow on the back corner of it to write to because I needed some joint support but his just cracked 800 page sci-fi novel is heavy and he seems to need both arms rests for it. I guess when you sit in the middle you feel it is all you have so you are protective of the real estate but technically this is ours to share so rightfully I can place my elbow on the back corner. My tricep is pressing against his. It gets warm and a sweaty patch begins to grow between us. If this is what he wants to have happen I’m comfortable with it. I’m fair, I’m generous, I just want what is rightfully mine to share and I am honestly getting 25% of it so really there is nothing to get sweaty about but here we are, two strangers, pressing on up on each others tri’s with subtle pressure, a constant reminder that I am not going anywhere. He is trying to assert the fact that he was there first and I am trying to claim my allowed elbow space in this little restaurant in the sky. Hey, he just moved his arms a bit. He just gave me a full half of the armrest. I won. He’s a nice guy. I knew we could work it out like adults.

Okay, fine, next time I will give him the armrest first. That will teach him that it doesn’t always have to be a competition. That will prove to him that the universe is not out to get us. That will show him! I’ll get it right next time. I will remember my re-remembered revelation. Sigh.