Are You A Necessary Creative? I can help.

An online support group/training session for Necessary Creatives.

Using group intelligence, gentle prodding, and strategies that have helped me get the demons off my back we are going to find, refine and call forward your gem. It’s time. It’s probably past time.

It’s not 6 figures in 6 weeks. It’s not 3 easy steps.

But I believe that if you have a group of women supporting you, hearing your creative blocks and holding you to your goals- you will make money.

One day. And only (as I look above holding my hands to the sky) can tell you the timeline on this. Not me.

But I will facilitate a curriculum in which you get the space to pinpoint your exact vision and you will leave the 8-week session with the steps in place to take action on moving your artistry to the level it deserves to be.

I can promise you that.

We start Sept 18th
The cost is $499 CAN + GST (if you are CAN) and $499 US (if you are American) cause eff the exchange rates.

The logistics are 8 weekly Monday meetings, once a week prompts, a private Facebook support group (free for you for life but starts costing $19 a month for everyone else in July so…good deal), one personal call to map out your specific goals and a final personal check in.

It’s not easy putting yourself first. It’s absolutely terrifying to imagine that what you do is worth the work. I feel you. I’ll help you with that too.

I’m a Necessary Creative. When I don’t do what I love the most, what I need to do- I hurt my family, I’m useless to my community and I’m not respecting why I was put on this planet.

So we do it not just for us. It’s bigger than that.

And I’m honored to create the structure for you to focus entirely on what your singular purpose is- and step-by-step- make it happen.

What I truly believe is not only can you do what you love for a living….

You have to.


You are a Necessary Creative. Welcome to the club.

It’s a terribly awesome gang to be a part of.

You are so close. My job is to ignite you to make it happen.

So email me: