My Top 5 Funniest TTBG Radio Shows

I’m attracted to darkness.

I feel like it’s the way we connect the deepest with each other. It’s not often that I meet a friend for lunch and be like…

“…aaaaaak, life is going sooooo great for me. I’m soooo happy! I’m satisfied and rich and feel so loved ALL THE TIME”

and then she’s like…

“me too! Life is just so easy and flowing right now and so much is happening that I can’t even keep up with the offers. I’m sooo happy too, YAAAAAAAA!”

And then we hug because we feel so close in our joy and the ease that life is bringing us.

This is not my kinda coffee date. For me, the deep connection comes from…

“How are you?”

ummm, honestly, not that good. Tired. Overwhelmed. I can’t get the kids to sleep. I feel like “what’s my point? Where did I go? Why am I here?”

“Oh, I fucking hear you sister. When my kids were that small I thought I was dying too. I still feel like I’m dying though. I honestly don’t know where rent is coming from. I’m 38 and the last 2 weeks is always on credit. Where did I go wrong?”

And we hug and sip our coffee and in the commiserating, in the truth of sharing our pain, we connect. We go deep. And we feel better, because we are in it together.

So I value that.

But I also recognize that I need laughter. I need levity. I need some Goddamned Ha ha’s every single day.

And you probably do to.

So here are my top 5 funniest radio interviews on Trying to be Good.

Kyle Bottom, Charlie Demers, Toby Hargrave  are comics. Kyle is considering having children but he hasn’t taken the plunge yet so he brings his two hilarious dads on to convince him to have kids or NOT to have kids. It’s a debate that goes sideways. What’ll he decide?

Mark Chavez  is one of my oldest friends. He’s a comic who travels internationally and we’ve wanted to start a podcast together for years. This is not it. But it’s still hilarious. We talk comedy, kids and when you know you’ve made it.

Jan Derbyshire manages to make her mental health struggles hilarious. Her personal story of hearing voices is profound and your jaw will drop with the discipline it took her to keep her head above water while smiling. 

Kirsten Sharp is my colleague. She also has a spinal chord injury.  In this interview, she talks about the annoyance of being inspiration porn for people. We also do an experiment and try to “talk like men aren’t listening. ” This means no filters, no judgements and no awareness of the male gaze. After the show aired my boss called and said I was too crass for radio. So…it went well.

Dawn Petten is my resident sex therapist. She talks dildos, bananas, how to teach kids about sex and even shares some of the questions the kids asked her when she was teaching them. It’s adorable AND informative.

I hope you laugh your buttocks off.

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