My Soul Doppelgänger

I met my soul doppelgänger. I instantly recognized her as me. And she as I. Her outside represented my inside. Let me explain. Her loose, casual outfit is intelligently paired to create the sense of breezy, yet sophisticated.


We can even tell from a distance that care and attention is put into everything she touches. If it looks thrown together, she meant it that way.

me 3

And taking a closer look we see her shoes, wedges on a tall woman. Because she’s not tall enough yet. She demands more space, expects it, and room is made for her, easily.  She’s also clearly a strong woman. Tight. Taught. Ready to spring into action; but she’d never say no to a crème brûlée.


The hair, braided over 12 hours ago, is falling apart yet looks more beautiful in its distress, and who’s got time for grooming when you’re as busy as she is working to make the world a better place. A more fun place. A deeper place (with time to re-read that New Yorker book review).


Oh, it’s time. Already? To keep spreading my nectar of goodness and laser-point power.


Dewy cheeked, eyes aware, arms strong, jeans ripped in all the places and toes pink. I’m beautiful. God, I’m so beautiful.

Thank you doppelgänger.

For letting me see my insides through you.

And the creepy pictures.