If all men could hear this….

For us to rise, you must fall.

It’s the natural order of our system, to keep in balance, on the teeter-totter of the world.

And you won’t want to.

Because things will be different.

And that’s really scary.

But we promise you we will not hurt you.

We will not rape you.

We will not punish you.

We want to walk beside you as we are, equals.

So to do this, you must first hear us speak.

We are here to rise into the fullness of our human potential which has been kept down for hundreds (could it be thousands?) of years by a patriarchal system that promotes capitalism and individuality.

And we are here to change that.

We want balance back.

We want equality for all genders, races and alternative orientations.

We want to celebrate our incredible diversity.

And most of all, we want all people fed, educated and protected.

We are here to be thankful.

And we want to love.

And rise to a higher way of being in relationship with each other and the earth.

But for this to happen, you need to bend down on one knee and take our foot in your hand and hoist us over the fence you built. We’ve tried to climb it and tear it down and ignore it but we are done now.

You need to help us set ourselves free.

And this is the craziest part.

When you do, bend down and help us jump up over the fence, you’ll be able to see the thumb that you as well have been under this whole time.

You as well will know what absolute freedom feels like.

We are the same. You and I.

We expect the same from you as you expect from us.

And right now the time is perfect- you can feel this too- and we are calling on you.

We expect you to be willing to stretch and grow into places that are foreign to you.

We expect that you will have to do less and make less and be less visible and that will be annoying and frustrating for you.

We expect it will be very uncomfortable at times.

We expect we will not be perfect in the transition either and you will support our efforts anyway.

We expect you to manage and work through your pain and anger and shock and keep going because when you get it, that we are the same. When you get that you have been fed a story that is untrue but has given you a great advantage, and you see it as grossly, horrifically unfair and you want to write a new story with us only then we can move forward.

Do you see us chomping at the bit?

Watch us for a while.

Read us.

Listen to our music.

Notice our power.

It’s always been there of course, and we are over being ready to let it out.

Give us a sign- that we can trust you to begin being ourselves- without worry of violence or terror.

Raise your hands.

Palms open.

You won’t believe the gifts we are bringing to the party.

You’ll weep in relief.

Maybe by the next full moon?

xo. Us.