I’m The Clown (with 4 more radio shows)

When writing articles or essays, the author usually takes on one of two roles. The Expert or The Clown.

The Expert assumes they are right and they present their opinions as fact and this comes as a relief to the reader as it inspires us to follow.

The Clown asks a lot of questions. The Clown shares their foibles and stays vulnerable and they’d rather their readers come to their own conclusions. Even if The Clown has an opinion, they don’t blast it out; instead they find funny, circuitous routes to get their heart across.

I’m The Clown.

I might have an opinion but I’m not going to push it as truth. This makes for less comfortable reading, as you’re not sure if I know what I’m doing.

I do.

I think the model of teacher/student, seeker/guru isn’t working anymore. I want to look across, not up. And as so many Experts fall off their pedestals and prove their humanness I’m longing for something more.

I want conversations. I want debates. I want to learn from each other. I want mutually beneficial relationships.

I’m tired of being told what is best by people who own the term Expert. And that for me is the distinction, it’s a label, not a fact.

As The Clown I want exploration. I want curiosity. I want to learn to live in the discomfort of “I don’t know”.

Because I don’t.

The subtlety of The Clown is that sometimes she does know, secretly, what she wants to say, but she uses other tactics (personal shame, hilarity, satire and her own fucked-up mess) to get her point across. Ironically, she is an Expert at playing The Clown. I find this way of communicating creative and layered and subversive.

My teacher said clowning is taking your message “from your guts, to your heart, and then letting it all pour out your eyes”.

This is me, The Clown.

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I play the fool but I know exactly what I’m doing and in some circles this makes me the most dangerous person in the room.

Check out my week of conversations on the Live version of Trying to be Good. Click on the names to hear the interview.

Kathryn and Stephen Aberle Emelia talks with a couple who’ve been married over 34 years. How do they do it? What’s the secret to staying together?

Prophecy Sun Emelia visits with Prophecy Sun about being a new media artist, a mother, a touring musician and getting her masters while breastfeeding. 

Russell Bennett Emelia calls her oldest friend Russell Bennett. They haven’t talked in years and you get to hear the reunion on live radio. Russell is a lawyer who’s struggling to make his dreams come true and he’s as determined as ever. Tune in to hear Emelia reconnect and laugh her butt off at her best friends foibles. 

Sjanie McInnis:  Emelia talks with her yoga teacher about the dark side of the practice. Sjanie isn’t all Ommmm. She’s really badass. Tune in to find out why.

What deep and terrifying conversation do you want to hear on Trying to be Good Radio?

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