I went offline for a week and this is how I survived.


Now, those that know me well know that I’m a really, really good artist (for a 4-year-old) and the thing I want you to recognize in the pictures below is that this is me TRYING MY VERY BEST.

But seriously, instead of catching these breathtaking moments and sending them off to Instagram and Facebook to prove my worth in the world, every night I’d draw a picture of my best memory of the day.

That being said, I wanted to share my artwork with you, because I’m a genius with a pen and blank sheet of paper.

(This is me in my new bikini floating. Floating puts me in a zen state and I do it in any body of water I get into for as long as possible.)

(This is Nelson BC. Officially the most beautiful city in Canada – on the day I was there.)

(We went hiking on a ridge that was surrounded 360 degrees by glaciers and mountains. It was breathtaking. I stood on the ledge with my son on my back and felt the icy cold wind and bright hot sun and even though I was 1000’s of feet up, I’d never felt so grounded. Feet firmly in place. High.)

(My partner and I even found some time to be alone together.)

(I took the kids for an ATV ride. We told them that only Mothers drove ATV’s because we are trying to create some gender equality in the family after my son told me “girls don’t play sports.” So I ripped both of them around the woods for a few hours to prove my feminine power.)

(I visited my mom’s grave. It overlooks a farmer’s field with horses and I took a blanket and lay beside the stone and cried and felt her bones underneath me. It felt good to be close to her. She told me to rest. She was in peace.)

(Then we went to my favourite place in the world. The Caravan Farm Theatre. A bunch of actors gather from across Canada and put on a show for 400 people a night on a 90 acre farm. The actors camp or stay in small cabins, we eat in the cook shack and the horses have barns to get dressed up in for the performance. The kids run free collecting frogs and putting on their own shows. My kids met one of my best friends kids for the first time and we watched them play for hours, oblivious of danger, time or dirt. It was glorious.)

(And every night we slept snug as bugs in the Westfalia van. This is probably my favourite picture. We are selling it now as it’s too small for the growing boys so this vacation was our last adventure with the old girl. Man-o-man do we love our ride. She’s so smooth and pretty and when we see another westy on the road we get to give the secret “westy club” sign. I love being in clubs.)

(*BONUS pic. The Eclipse. Which rocked my world. I got my period 2 weeks early, had a searing headache all day and felt deeply connected to the earth. It reminded me that we are so small and miracles are here and now and God(dess) is an exceptional artist.

…just like me.

I’m home now and back on the www. I like being in touch; telling folks I love them and seeing what greatness and horror is happening in the world but a week off was…shocking. I kept reaching for the phone. I felt the need to share my experience to make it valid. So this is why I give myself a yearly offline reminder – that all these beautiful images could be collected in my mind just for me to see and still be necessary and important.

But I still couldn’t help sharing them with you.

All my end of summer love.

Draw me a picture.