How to do a ritual:

1. Write down what your prayer/longing is. Let’s not call it a goal as goals are stressful fucking assholes. Keep the prayer simple and specific. Ie: By May 2014 I will have a managerial job at American Apparel. Try not to ask for improbables like: I will birth a Chinese baby (and you and your partner are both white) but you can ask for miracles like: My mom will beat Cancer for 5 more years.

2. Go somewhere alone or with someone you trust, preferably beautiful and in nature. If you live in the city parks are great options.

3. Bring a sacred object with you; something that it hurts a bit to give up. Maybe a seashell or necklace from your best trip ever but not like your grandma’s tooth or anything crazy irreplaceable.

4. When you get to the spot where you want to do the ritual sit or stand in silence for a few minutes breathing long deep breaths.

5. Breathe into your heart. Ask God (or whoever) for a few moments of their attention.

6. Read the prayer aloud three times. Every time you finish reading it, bow with your hands at your heart in gratitude. Speaking out loud is a good idea in general. It is powerful and bold.

7. Throw the offering as far away from you as possible. Watch it go. Imagine that it is now travelling to bring you your prayer/longing.

8. Thank God (or whoever) for their time and attention.

9. Sit or stand for a few more minutes in silence. Breathing into your heart. Imagine what it will feel like when you get what you are longing for.

10. Now is the hardest part. Walk away. Turn around and let your stress around this go. You have called forth action. What you desire is speeding towards you now and trusting that it is coming is the final step in your part of the process. Rejoice.