How to be rich when you feel poor.

1.When you wake up, after you do your “have to’s “kids to school, face washed, peed etc) before email, putting on pants or one quick facebook browse, get on the floor and move your body for 20 minutes. Set a timer. Yoga, stretching, rolling around, pretend yer a snake for all I care – just move your damn body before you do anything else (this one is the hardest for me.)

2. Every single day lie in bed, preferably alone, with your hands placed over your sternum, your eyes closed and breathe deeply for 15 min. (I do this as soon as I get home after work and I lock the door so the kids can’t come in). I also have a favorite stone I put on my chest as I like the weight.

3. Always wear once piece of jewelry you love. I’ve always got my gold studs in and a bracelet I never take off. If you are a man- watches and shoes and sunglasses count too.

4. Every night before bed put oil on your hands, hold your palms to your face and inhale three deep breaths. My favorites are Jurlique, Tata Harper or Rose Oil. The importance is the smell. You must find it intoxicating.

5. Once every 2-3 months go out for dinner with your closest friends. You can’t afford it, you say? Well if you put a loonie (that’s a dollar bill in Canadian) in a jar once a day, you’ve got 60$ bucks right there. If it’s every 3 months then you’ve got babysitting covered too. We saved up all our $1 and 2$ in a jar for 6 months and had enough for 2 plane tickets to Europe.

6. For your birthday or Christmas present tell everyone that you want a Gift Certificate to a certain spa you love. Collect them all up and you’ll probably have enough for three or four treatments. Use them all the same day. That’s your Queen day. Everyone should have a Queen day once a year.

7. When your budget won’t allow for a restaurant or to buy that amazing skirt tell yourself “I’m just saving to be rich.” Make it a choice, not a disappointment.

8. Sparkling water and fancy syrup.

9. Always get your bangs trimmed. It’s free for fuck sakes. Stay on top of it.

10. Color in your eyebrows. I was told by the woman who threads my FACE that if there is only one makeup-y thing you do, use a pencil for dark, sculpted eyebrows. She is super hot so I believe her.

Adornment is important. Yogi Bhajan used to say that when we adorn ourselves it’s our gift to God as he/she loves looking at beautiful things. Just look at the world he/she created.

Also important to feel our inherent wealth is rest. Which is why lying down as much as possible is a priority for me.

Another secret trick is when you go for a coffee or walk the dog pretend that your newest book just made the best-seller list. No one knows it’s you because you have sunglasses and saggy yoga pants on but when you get your macchiato you tip extra and smile bigger cause…YOU know.

I forget to pluck my chin hair. I don’t shower for days cause I just don’t care. You do not want to see my armpit hair right now and you wouldn’t be able to find my vagina through the trees. I’m a bit of a mess and I don’t give a crap who see’s my saggy yoga pants at the coffee shop but I do have simple rituals that remind me I’m wearing a crown. I hold my head high and inside I’m a zillion bucks.


*So this is my final call out for HAWAII 2018. One spot left and I just keep thinking that there’s someone out there who’s supposed to come. Is it you?  One of the other ways I feel rich is I get all my friends to come to Hawaii with me every year, we do some yoga, go on adventures, snorkle and cry and my airfare gets covered. Genius!