People are Complicated

This morning, I was sitting in my car in a rainstorm checking the ole fb and this woman popped up. A hard working, not yet uber famous, but probably making a decent living musician. An inspiration to many of us out there busting it.

Play it loud with headphones on.

And then I found out she was a Trump supporter; active and ardent in her beliefs. And my first impulse was to delete the post. I can’t support her. I’m not having a Trump supporter on my page. That’s nuts. She’s effin’ nuts!

But then I took a breath.

This is the problem. People are complicated. We love our racist grandmothers.

So taking her down is just following the status quo. Don’t be friends, don’t listen to, or dig deeper into the lives of people with opposing belief systems. Even though I know in my hearts soul that Trump is a racist, sexist narcissist who will destroy the planet, for some reason, she believes in him.

And true reconciliation, what I believe is the only option for absolute radical change means not censoring or ignoring or deleting what we don’t like. It means living in the discomfort of things not making sense and not immediately discounting others for (from my frame of reference) what looks like the evil crazies.

So I’m leaving it up. She’s a beauty. She’s a talent. She sings about one love and forgiveness. And she supports the anti-christ.

This is the dichotomy we have to learn to live with.

It’s what will give us a chance in hell.

And then this happened. And now I’m dead. From hope.