The Art of Making Art

Motherload just closed and like all creative projects that you put your soul into, there is a down time that can be expected.

Of course.

Because after years of working on a show about your personal life…








months of writing and rehearsing and weeks of adreneline…








…then come the public reviews.











There are quiet nights, forgotten lines, standing ovations, sick kids, paranoia, malaise, hysterical laughter, fan mail, annoyed partners, tired bodies and finally after the six bottles of champagne are drunk on closing- it’s time for budgets to balance, sets to tear down and props to store.

The kids are sure happy though.

But, when the artist wakes up the next morning with nothing to do…finally. The feeling is weird and can spin downward.

So instead of being surprised by it, I plan for it:

I assume I’ll get sick.

I keep my calendar clear from all unnecessary obligations for a week.

I write thank you notes.

I take baths and eat yummy food.

I clean my house.

I DON’T start the paleo diet.

And, I begin ticking away at what’s next…

So if you want to see Motherload- Click on the cities below and tell them to bring us to you. Because the audience is the most important part of this art form. Without you, there is no show.






And for all the other places not mentioned- write your city in the comments below and I’ll send you contact info.

I also look back on the experience and collect my favourite moments:

My favourite quotes of the show so far are:

“I haven’t felt so heard in a long time. And I never even said a thing” – a mom

“Everyone with a mom needs to see this show”- audience member

“I nearly lost my shit tonight. I had to bite myself so that I wouldn’t ugly cry in the balcony.” – audience member

“This needs to go F***ING GLOBAL!”- a mom

Here’s a video I secretly shot backstage. Don’t expect to see anything as it’s behind the curtains.

And the last thing I always do is:

Bow down in graditude that I get to do what I love for a living.

Long Live Art.


*all photos taken by Emily Cooper