Dear Burners…have a nice trip down to your bubble.

I know that you’re all headed down this week for your 10 glorious days of living anti-constraint of societies petty responsibilities and it feels freeing and liberating and exciting (especially with your sand goggles packed). I get that.

You trade hand puppets for drugs and home-made curry for a hug. That’s really great.

But do not be mistaken for one second that you are changing the world. In fact you are dedicating 10 days of your life to ruining it.

  • The tonnes of jet fuel used for the fire shows that burn up the atmosphere.


  • The gas generators that are on 24/7 the entire time to play your “electric” music non-stop (or whatever the kids call it these days…)


  • The helicopters that drop in celebrities and princes from around the world to “glamp” for the weekend and learn how to live “in harmony with one another” in their elite camps that need bodyguards.


  • And let’s not forget the coffee cups and plastic water bottles…leave not a trace?…are you not just taking it all with you and dumping it in the closest garbage can outside of Blackrock City?


  • It also looks (from the pictures I’ve seen) that 90% of Burning Man (with your bikes and acrobatics and furry vests) is white people. This is a privilege party.

It was a lovely idea.

A decade ago I had friends who’d spend the year building their art cars and costumes in their basement suites after work and they’d caravan down together in a big u-haul or sneak over the border and they truly were bringing an offering with them. They’d dedicated 4 seasons to making art to show the world- and then they’d destroy it for the God(desses). They camped in tents and they recycled everything.

This sounds pretty rad.

One of my besties even won “most orgasms in a row” in the orgy tent for Canada.

That sounds fun.

But it’s become a big mound of shit now folks. You are not living an “alternative” lifestyle for a week. You are not showing what “the possibility of humanity” could be. You are showing that you are on vacation and it’s dusty.

Imagine if you gave that $500 ticket cost to a  clean water initiative or Standing Rock, or any other NGO that desperately needs support.

Imagine if you volunteered your time experiencing Seva (giving service) to a community that needs resources and support for the 10 days instead of glitter painting your faces and pretending polyamory.

Imagine if you weren’t a bunch of white privileged people making a fool of yourselves thinking that “experiencing bliss” and “fucking the rules” and “changing the system” was actually happening.

You are living in a bubble and it’s embarrassing.

So, have fun, wear your appropriated headdresses and dance your discomfort away till dawn but it would be lovely if you knew just a slice of what you are doing this week is exactly what you DON’T want to be doing.

There are no excuses.

And your belief that hugging strangers and “feeling free” and  hula-hooping and sharing is helping anyone but your own party pants kissies huggies feelies for an infinite amount of time before you go back to your Instagram posting, rent paying regular lives…means we are so deeply culturally fucked I just want to go down there and scream like I’m your mother…

Burning Man is dead.

End of rant.