Creative Inspiration from The Vault (like Oprah’s fav things list)

I get inspiration from lots of disparate places. Here are a few things that I’m loving this week, or have loved for years, or think are plain ole funny as shit.


My friend gave me this book. I would never have been interested without her recommendation. It’s blowing my freaking mind. It’s making me feel like “whoa, maybe this isn’t my first go-around? Maybe it’s not all my responsibility? Maybe dying IS going home.” It’s comforting and fascinating.  Easy read. Worth your time.

This woman is the funniest, harshest, smartest, riskiest stand-up comedian I’ve seen in a long time. Watch the clip then Netflix it. Another mind blow.



This is an excerpt from Neil Young’s autobiography Waging Heavy Peace. In this part he’s talking about making music with his band Crazy Horse. I find his description of working with “the muse” so dead on.


This is “my garden”. I think my friend noticed these plants in the corner of my deck and moved them into the light to give them a fighting chance. I wish I did, but I can’t seem to give a shit about gardening. 

Photo on 20-05-16 at 1.57 PM

This is my ritual with my mom. Every day when I’d come home from school we’d drink tea and have a cookie together. Now I drink from her cup and she’s not here to share it with me but I keep up the practice.

And lastly, I’m sure you all saw this floating through your facebook feed this week but it’s too good to not pass on just in case.

And here’s some radio show highlights from last week, which for some reason felt like the bestest, most deepest interviews yet. 

First off is a panel of women talking about their favourite thing- radio. Producer Jennifer Moss and freelancer Willow Yamauchi share the stories that they’re most interested in telling, talk about what makes excellent radio and the work that has made them the proudest.

Sjanie McInnis: She’s baaaaack! Sjanie McInnis is Emelia’s yoga teacher and she has radical opinions about what yoga really is. Tonight we’re talking about the stupidity of yogic food politics, the guru culture, how to teach your kids about patriarchy and maintaining your rebel heart. 

Sonja Larsen (author of Red Star Tattoo) and Emelia talk about the chaos of childhood when parents are doing their best, but kind of suck. How do we forgive and becoming our own parent? And what’s the positive slant of growing up with too much freedom?

Geoff Jones and Jamie King: Tonight we’re finding Geoff his soulmate. He’s a gay guy who wants long- term love and it’s proving hard to find. His besty Jamie is going to explain why he’s all that and we make a plea on live radio to bring his man to him.