I’ve been thinking a lot about abundance lately.

I’ve been trying to change my negative associations with the word because for me “abundance” has become synonymous with the word gluttony.

The more, more more feeling that leaves us all longing for what we don’t have. And I want to see what I do have as enough.

I look around my home and I see abundance everywhere but not necessarily where I’d like it to be.  In the piles of clothes that go unfolded. In the reams of dishes in the sink and then also in the way my son dances in the living room and just won’t stop for anybody.

Going down an internet wormhole today I found abundance in a surprising place.


twerk 1

There is so much abundance in this womans physical power.
daffy 2

…and in this ducks silliness.
nerd twerk…and this man’s body confidence.     babies twerking…and check out the babies. What a gorgeous amount of abundant play.


Like the clear intention of abundance, the art of twerking has been kinda ruined too, most recently by Miley Cyrus when she made it all pre-teen sexy.twerk 6But watching a woman with that kind of control and comfort in her sensuality…reminds me what I’m longing for in my relationship to being abundant. rianna 5

My kinda abundance is about sheer bravado and not being afraid to get low and own it.


Going exactly where you want to go- however you want to get there.

Twerking is a woman being in control of her own ass.

And abundance is about being content with how well you shake that shit.


That’s some serious a-bun-dance.

Ps. I cannot twerk. I have tried. It goes all up into my neck and I look like a rooster.