A Radically Honest Conversation: Recorded Live.

One thing I love more than sitting down behind a microphone and interviewing a guest with salient questions and an open agenda is being interviewed by an intelligent host who can hold a deep space where truth-telling, laughing and surprise (at my own answers) is revealed.

This is one of those interviews.

One of my Necessary Creatives graduates (and facilitator and writer and friend) took the ovaries by the horns and after 7 years of chomping at the bit delivered her hearts longing- a podcast- and it’s really good. She’s really good at it (and I’m super critical of the art form so that says a lot.)

Honoured and proud at how deep we go into the topic of Mothering. “What if I never like this kid ever?” and my militant need to put my creativity before my family -so that I can take care of my family- are a few taboo paths we blaze. I also remember talking about navigating partnerships radically changing after kids, as well as how our own childhoods and how those memories inform our parenting choices/fuck-ups today.

She takes me to some surprisingly tender places and I’m excited and a bit nervous (which is another very good sign) to share our conversation here:

After this one, if you need a laugh. I was asked for an online magazine recently to describe “what FREE things do I plan to entertain my kids – when it’s raining?” Here are my incredibly creative answers: