A letter to the little you.

Do you ever feel too big?


Simmer down.

Shut up.

Don’t take up so much space.

You’re too big for your britches.

She thinks a little much of herself.

How about practicing some humility?

Be quiet.

Settle down.

Stop talking so much.
Why must you be the centre of attention?
Do less. Be less.
Get smaller.
Fit in.


You have to be careful of those voices friend.

They don’t have your best interests at heart (even if they are in your own head).

They don’t understand how it feels to feel like you on the inside.


So big and bold and beautiful and bad.

And you want to share yourself with the world and have the world share itself back with you.

on the inside

Reciprocation of the largest parts of both of us.

Back and forth and back and forth till we both get bigger and bigger from each other’s big-ass-ness.


That’s what I’m talking about.

It’s a hard job isn’t though? Staying you.

Because everything around you is constantly telling you


Bring it down cowgirl.

You are not good enough for that.


So let’s imagine for a moment you are talking to the littlest you. A tiny version that sits on the tip of your own finger.


I know what I would say to her.

“Let yourself shine like the bright mess you are”.

“The people that love you will still love you”.

And really, you have no choice do you? Because you are so


no matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to hide.

finger animal

Just look at that hairdo.



wiggle your butt and get yourself shot at.

I've got your back...

This is all you got given and it’s not going anywhere.

And personally, I love all your dark light messy shit.

I think you’re the fucking greatest.

this bird

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