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In my early twenties I graduated from theatre school. I was trying really hard but I wasn’t fitting into the mould. I was creatively frustrated and in a lot of pain that what I wanted most in the world was not coming naturally to me. So, for my graduation piece, out of desperation and also being a bit of a sh*t disturber, I created a character who was a total nerd that had no idea how badly she didn’t fit in. She wasn’t beautiful or cool. Instead, she was socially clueless and had no filter and you know what…the audience couldn’t stop laughing.

Emelia as a clown

Emelia as a clown

In this performance I made my miseries relatable and all the things that sucked about me the most shined through.

There is nothing more fulfilling than having people stand up and clap for your inner loser.

So the character grew and I wrote four shows that toured the country. I revelled in all my imperfections and I was so blunt about my grief and terror- people were compelled to feel and share their own pain too.

Next I co-founded a creation-based theatre company based in Vancouver BC. A decade later, with 12 new works under our belt, multiple awards and international touring I’d finally found my fit.

Now… wanting to go deeper, I started telling my stories online. I wanted the brash and gutsy content to be a relief to read. Like, “Oh thank God, I’ve found someone who thinks like me.” I wanted to be as uncensored and real as I could and see if what I suspected was correct- we are all ‘effed up and we are in this together and we are all just trying to be good.

“You show us that vulnerability is the new badass warrior.”
-Justin Bench (Upside)

Mostly, I think we connect faster and deeper through sharing our pain rather than our joy. This doesn’t make me low vibration, I just want to know my shadow. I think she is here to teach me things.

I believe we can do what we love for a living.

We can believe in miracles.

But that doesn’t mean chaos doesn’t exist and pain won’t visit.

My life’s purpose is to be as vulnerable as I can be about that – so you get to go- “hey, me too” and we both feel better. I’m unrelenting in this quest.

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  • I’ve had an unusual career path. I’d been freelancing in radio for a decade, pitching ideas and getting gigs here and there. That, alongside running my theatre company and facilitating retreats and telling ridiculous stories on my website for 6 years I cobbled together rent and a vacation and a few mani/pedi’s a year. So, one night I posted a picture on Instagram…
    …and the next morning I got a call. I’d been doing an advice column (for free) at a radio station and the program director called me and said THAT is the kind of content we want at our station. Pitch me your dream show. So, I did. And I got it. And I spent the next year interviewing people all over the world about their greatest fears and longings and dreams. Every single night I’d sit in front of that microphone before we went live and I’d cry, so deeply grateful I got to do what I loved the most, for (almost) a living.

    I don’t have that job anymore. I was fired for saying vagina too much on the air.

But it’s all good because we don’t know how or when these connections are going to be made that will lead us to our purpose on this planet…
Let’s get started!

“I’m in love with you. I want to kiss you directly on the face.”
-A Fan

Speaking Gigs

If I could commit to one particular God I’d be a preacher, but I bow down to mystery and my mother and my face cream so instead I get my ‘preach on’ at speaking gigs. My expertise in twenty years of theatre performance, spiritual searching and critical thinking blends this trifecta into what I’m best at in the world, power-blasting the truth, intimately engaging the audience and making you laugh till you ugly cry.

“I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what topic you are going to striptease and dropkick next…”

I am a satirist at the heart of it. This means I publically poke fun of myself and after the performance you go home and consider yourself in the equation.

I want to get close as I can to my audience / listeners / readers / friend because when we see ourselves in each other we change the world.

What I love the most is laughing about how ridiculous life is and the horror of what it means to be human sometimes. I think doing this together lightens the collective load.

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“She is a social acupuncturist and damn it does she poke around in the best ways. Brilliant and Hilarious.”
-Chela Davison
COO Integral Coaching Canada

“Yoga Satire, Brilliant, brash and wickedly wise. You will pee your yoga pants from laughing so hard”
-Danielle LaPorte
(author of The Desire Map and White Hot Truth)

*Bring this live performance/yoga class to your convention, your manager’s conference, your private function, your international festival.

1 hour. 1 million laughs.


Through the Gaze of a Navel is a performance in the form of a yoga class led by self-proclaimed pop-psychology expert Emelia Symington Fedy.

Emelia has consumed every new-age pop-psych medicine she could get her hands on, from swimming with cosmic dolphins to crystal bowl regression therapy to vaginal weightlifting classes. Emelia’s take is irreverent but the darkness she encounters is real. More than a mere kiss-and-tell of a life-long obsession, Through the Gaze of a Navel takes the sacred journey of a spiritual quest and sets it in a hilarious context.

Emelia leading a yoga class in chair pose

Performed in theatres across Canada, yoga studios, yoga festivals and Lululemon events, this show is a hilarious and generous satire of yoga culture where we get to laugh at our navel gazing, while in down dog.

“I have not laughed this hard in so long, thanks for the incredible ab work out.”
-Audience member

Do you have 5 minutes?

Set up like a therapists office, with the audience waiting for their turn to ask their burning question, it’s just you and professional advice giver Emelia Symington Fedy. She tells you exactly what you need to hear by the end of an egg timer and you leave relieved. It’s her super- power.

*We are now touring the performance/advice sessions live and can come to your best friends birthday or a gala event or festival that you want to take to the next level of entertainment.

5 Minute Therapy is a theatre installation that has performed multiple times at FUSE (Vancouver Art Gallery) and in Toronto’s East Culture Crawl and at multiple festivals across Canada.

The set up is fun but the advice is real. Emelia brings the egg timer; you bring the question.




1 question. 1 interview. All Heart and Guts. From famous people to grandmothers; how pain changed them- for good.


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Trying To Be Good: The Healing Powers of Lying, Cheating, Stealing and Drugs by popular radio host, writer and social media personality Emelia Symington Fedy is her dark but comical story of her self-help addiction and her obsessive odyssey to find inner peace at all costs. After a lifetime of misadventures—hunting down shamans, hypnotists, soul advisors and online gurus; turning to vaginal weightlifting classes, cosmic dolphins and world travel to fill the void- Emelia’s spiritual reckoning doesn’t come until the death of her mom coincides with the birth of her first child. Rocked with grief, Emelia quits her quest for fulfillment. She quits drugs. She quits yoga. She quits the search. And in turning towards her pain Emelia finally finds what’s she’s been looking for her whole life. She can’t escape. She’s here. She can feel it all.

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