I tell stories — about myself, and what happens around me. Usually, this manifests through theatre collaborations but I also work as a radio host and producer and write for different print and online publications. I facilitate women’s retreats and teach yoga. All this leads me to the same place- being as transparent about the human experience as I can be.

In my early twenties I graduated from theatre school and although I was trying really hard, I wasn’t fitting into the mould. I was creatively frustrated and in a lot of pain that what I wanted most in the world was not coming naturally to me. So, for my graduation piece, out of desperation and also being a bit of a sh*t distuTTBG-donate-pic-rber, I created a character who was a chubby nerd that had no idea how badly she didn’t fit in. She wasn’t beautiful or precious or cool. Instead, she was unrelentingly honest and had no filter and you know what…the audience couldn’t stop laughing.

In this performance I made my miseries relatable l and all the things that sucked about me most shined through.

There is nothing more fulfilling than having people stand up and clap for your inner loser.

So the character grew and I wrote a show and it was a great success. I revelled in all my imperfections. I and I was so blunt about my grief and fears- people were able to feel their own pain too.IMG_0763

I ended up writing four solo shows that toured Canada. It was the scariest and hardest thing I’ve ever done. And it’s still my favourite thing to do (see my newest solo piece Through the Gaze of a Navel) that’s still touring…

A decade later, wanting to go deeper, I started telling these stories online. I wanted the brash and gutsy content to be a relief to read. Like, “Oh thank God, I’ve found someone who thinks like me.” I wanted to be as uncensored and real as I could and see if what I suspected was correct- we are all slightly effed up and we are in this together and we are all just trying to be good.


I only write about myself.

I assume I’m talking to my best friend.

I don’t mind pushing buttons.

I use satire as my weapon of choice.

I want to be a pleasure.

Within a year I had over a million views and now six years in, I have my own radio show 2x daily (Roundhouseradio.com) my readership is continuously increasing and there is a book on the way.


I keep it really personal.

It’s usually funny and a bit heartbreaking.

I’m full of contradictions.

I believe in prostrating yourself in prayer for what you most long for.

I’m cynical as hell but I’m sure that the universe loves us and we are not alone.

I want to know my shadow. I think she is here to teach me things.

You will find homemade videos shot in one-take and stories recorded in front of a live audience. You’ll see pictures of my kid and hear about my mom. I don’t pretend to know everything but I care enough to have an opinion and voice it.  I’ve made a place that I like to hang out in; unpretentious and fun. I want tryingtobegood.com to feel like it’s yours; like home. Some come on down, sign up for my weekly vlogs from bed and LIKE me Every new subscriber and I fist pump the air! Join the gutsy revolution of truth-tellling even when it hurts.  And contact me if you have something meaningful and revolutionary and terrifying to share on live radio. I’d love to hear your story.

I look forward to you.